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What is IMPACT?

IMPACT is Avon and Somerset's brand name for Integrated Offender Management (IOM). Established in 2008 as a pilot in Bristol,  it combines the resource, knowledge and expertise of Police, Probation, Prison and Recovery Workers in a multi agency approach to working effectively and dynamically with the most prolific offenders involved in committing serious acquisitive crime.

Why these type of offenders?

Theft offences are the most widely committed crimes in any community. Individuals committing these crimes are usually repeat offenders who often have problematic drug use and are offending in order to feed their habits. They often have many other problems holding them back in life including, homelessness, learning disabilities, alcohol abuse and mental health problems. By focusing on this cohort, not only will the offender themselves benefit from the opportunity of making changes to their lives, the communities in which they live will will also benefit.

How does IMPACT work?

Following on from the success of the Bristol pilot the IMPACT scheme was rolled out across Avon and Somerset. IMPACT works with offenders who are subject to court or prisons licences, and also those who are not currently subject to Probation supervision.

Offenders do not choose to be part of IMPACT but are selected based on as much relevant information about the individual as can be gathered including, offending, lifestyle, and substance misuse.

The multi agency team and its partners work together to support the individual's journey to positively change their life through access to support services in accordance with their individual needs and reoffending risks.

By working as a co-located team, IMPACT staff are able to work closely together and share information in a timely and effectively way to ensure swift response to offending and enforcement for those who choose not to comply. 

The nine pathways 

IMPACT works with statutory, voluntary, and community organisations to ensure a holistic approach to supporting individuals. This includes utilising volunteers and mentors to assist offenders with their rehabilitation in the community.

Pathway support ensures that the most appropriate intervention and service is available to address the causes of the individual's offending and in turn support them towards getting out of a life of crime and becoming a productive member of society.

The nine pathways are:

  • Drugs
  • Alcohol
  • Accommodation
  • Children and families
  • Finance, benefit and debt
  • Mental and physical health
  • Attitudes, thinking and behaviour
  • Education, training and employment
  • Women – domestic abuse and sex work

Why work in partnership with IMPACT?

Working in partnership with IMPACT not only helps assist in the overall aim of reducing serious acquisitive crime and reoffending rates across Avon and Somerset; it also helps support offenders to break the cycle of crime.  In turn this reduces the risk of harm offenders pose to themselves, their families and the communities in which they live. Being linked to IMPACT can also help your individual organisation in the following ways:

  • Increasing awareness of the services you offer.
  • Increased opportunities for successful funding bids.
  • Increased opportunity to access new funding streams and ways of working.
  • Have the support and advice of specialist criminal justice workers.
  • Increased information sharing where appropriate.


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