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About Bristol Together

Bristol Together CIC was launched in October 2011 as a social business; we buy refurbish and sell empty properties. Our aim is to create full-time jobs for people who have been in prison.

Pathways Covered

Education, training and employment


A criminal record can be a huge obstacle to securing employment. We give people another chance; providing training and support through mentors dedicated to seeing employees succeed.

We have already helped over 60 people into work, and only one person has re-offended in that time. We expect that we will continue to see very low levels of re-offending amongst our employees – testimony to the impact we are having

What we do

Bristol Together is a partnership of social enterprises, focused on creating full-time employment for ex-offenders by bringing empty properties into use.   

We work closely with Aspire Bristol, the Restore Trust and other social enterprises.  We also support the work of Serve On, Mentor Me and the 61 network who are key players in recruiting, training and supporting volunteer mentors.

Bristol Together buys empty properties that require substantial repair and refurbishment.

Not only does that enable us to create jobs for ex-offenders, but also ensures that when the property is resold we can make a profit to reinvest back into the social enterprise.

Details of some of our projects are shown below.

Where we do it

We deliver projects across the Bristol and S. Gloucestershire area.

How to access

If you want to find out more, self refer or refer someone you are working with please either:

Give us a call: 0117 9427 001


Send us an email:

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