Home Turf Lettings

Home Turf Lettings

Added: 05 March 2014

Home Turf Lettings linked to DHI (Developing Health and Independence) have been supporting people into the private rented sector for the last 2 years.

Funding for this project is provided through Crisis with a focus on supporting single people below 35 years of age on low incomes, many of whom also have additional needs such as social exclusion.

The majority of accommodation currently used in shared housing however the team are expanding to develop relationships with new landlords to offer a range of property types to suit all needs.

We currently operate in BaNES and S. Glos and currently oversee 13 properties of varying size and hope to expand into Bristol during 2014.

Home Turf Lettings is not a Supported Accommodation Provider, therefore clients must be 'tenancy ready', i.e. we need to be satisfied that a tenant is going to pay the rent, look after the property and not cause problems for neighbours/housemates. We're here to house socially excluded clients who may have faced a range of issues in their recent past, so we take a 'forward-looking' approach to issues such as addiction and criminal convictions - but we do need to be confident that these issues won't recur and put the new tenancy at risk.

Our criteria in brief:

1. Clients must be assessed as capable of sustaining a tenancy.

2. Clients must either be assessed as having no or minimal ongoing support needs or have appropriate support in place upon tenancy commencement and for as long as necessary thereafter (e.g. floating support).

3. We welcome applications from individuals who have or have had support needs, who have engaged well with support, and who are now taking active steps to move forward towards full independent living (abstinent clients moving on from dry houses would fit this category, for example).

4. In the case of shared accommodation, applicants must be willing to abide by any applicable house rules and to play an active role in house affairs, including attending regular house meetings and undertaking communal duties (e.g. under a cleaning rota).

5. Residents for house shares will be selected from those assessed as suitable at the time each vacancy becomes available.

The process in short is that the client, with the support of their support worker if needed, submits an application.

We assess applications on paper then in person with shortlisted applicants. If applicable (e.g. for shared housing) we then try to match together suitable applicants, and offers of accommodation are subject to satisfactory references and any actions that may be agreed with the support worker (e.g. perhaps establishing a repayment plan for an existing debt).

We do ask that support services only refer clients you're genuinely confident are likely to succeed in a private.

You will be invited to complete a phone based assessment of your needs and current financial situation.

You will then be added to the waiting list for your area and contacted when any properties or rooms become available to view. All offers of accommodation will be with type of property and mix of individuals in mind. Viewings of properties are usually completed on a group basis so that individual’s personality and interaction with others can be assessed as part of the offer process.

In order to be considered for a Home Turf Letting Property you can call on: 0117 301 2560 or email hello@hometurflettings.co.uk. Referrals can be made prior to release from prison also.