Barclays removing barriers to youth employment

Barclays removing barriers to youth employment

By: Impact Pathways
Added: 11 October 2013

LifeSkills created with Barclays, will provide access to these skills, increasing their employability and earning potential. Barclays is investing £5 million into the programme in 2013, and will be providing further commitment over the coming two years. 

LifeSkills is an education programme and work experience matching service that aims to reach one million young people by 2015 to equip them with the skills they need for work and connect them with work experience opportunities. 50,000 work experience opportunities to be offered in 2013 working with employers such as Barclays, Waitrose, Centrica and ISS, as well as Government backed careers platform, plotr LifeSkills Ambassadors.

Young people who complete LifeSkills modules will be able to access work experience opportunities from the many businesses who are part of the plotr community, who in turn will benefit from a pool of candidates who have completed basic work skills learning.

Barclay’s money skills programme helps to:

  • Writing your CV
  • Expand your people skills
  • Planning for your financial future
  • Spending, saving and borrowing money
  • Making the most of your time
  • Researching businesses
  • Putting your people skills into practice
  • Researching what you want to do

How do people access this scheme? What age range is it for?

Latest research from the Education and Employers Taskforce reveals the difference that being work-ready makes, with young people who have skills training – such as CV writing or work experience – earning on average up to 18%* more than those without.

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