Our Voice: Children and Young Peoples Charter

Our Voice: Children and Young Peoples Charter

Added: 16 September 2014

A group of young people with a family member in prison are calling on parents, carers and the authorities to sign up to a code of practice to reduce the negative impact that is being caused to them when they are separated from a parent, sibling or other family member from the point of arrest, during the family member’s trial and when they’re placed in prison. Ebony Brown, a young Pact volunteer who has experienced familial imprisonment, had this to say:

‘We are being punished because someone in our family has done a crime. On behalf of over 200,000 children and young people a year who go through seeing a family member taken to prison, we are the asking to be respected, to be informed, and to be heard. We don’t want to be labelled as future offenders, and we don’t want to be stigmatized. But we have a right to be listened to, for our needs to be met, and to have a fair chance in life.’

Ebony has challenged parents, schools, local authorities, the police, the courts and the prison service to sign up to the charter; ‘Our Voice: The Charter for Children & Young People with a Family Member in Prison, Supported by Pact (Prison Advice and Care Trust).

To sign on to ‘Our Voice, you just need to send your name, age and email address to Ourvoice@prisonadvice.org.uk, or alternatively visit the site, Pact:Our Voice, where there is more information about the charter and additional support is available.

Download 'Our Voice pdf Here

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