Access Restorative Justice

Would you meet the victim of your crime?

Could you explain your actions to that person?

It’s not easy meeting the person who was affected by your crime but it can be helpful for you to understand the impact of what you did. It also gives you the chance to listen and to answer any questions the victim might have.

Restorative justice is the process when the offender and the victim meet or communicate in a controlled environment.

Offenders who have met the person they have harmed have said that the experience helped them to understand how their actions affected others and helped them to deal with feelings of guilt of remorse.

“I’m so determined to change. I know that’s down to the RJ – it’s the only thing I’ve done that’s different.”

“After the meeting I went back onto the wing with a big smile on my face. Felt like the first day of the rest of my life.”

Do you want to do something positive?

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