Autumn Prospectus for Bristol Recovery College

Autumn Prospectus for Bristol Recovery College

Added: 24 September 2015

St Mungo’s Broadway has released their new prospectus for Bristol Recovery College.

The College is free and available to all but they particularly welcome people in recovery, staff from support or partner agencies and people supporting those on their road to recovery. People can be in recovery from homelessness, mental ill health, chaotic lifestyles, substance misuse, or just difficult times in their lives:

They focus on helping people with their recovery through giving them opportunities to learn new skills, make new friendships, build confidence and inspire others.

Many courses are designed and run by people who have been on their own road to recovery.

Recovery College takes place 5 days a week during term time, mostly at the Compass Centre and the New Street Centre. Enrolment is encouraged but the ethos of the college is that it is an open and inclusive environment, so students can enrol on the day at any session.

The new prospectus can be viewed here and covers the following areas

  • Personal Development
  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Getting active
  • Creativity & Self-expression
  • Exercise for your Brain 

Enrolment will mainly take place prior to the start of Recovery College term at the Compass Centre and at the New Street Centre. Students can also enrol during the term by contacting the Pathways To Employment team (P2E) by email, talking to amember of P2E, or by asking the facilitator at any session. 


Contact Naz or another member of the P2E team at:

Compass Centre, 1 Jamaica St, Kingsdown, Bristol, BS2 8JP

Tel: 0117 944 0581 

Contact Christian or another member of the P2E team at:

New Street Centre, 1 New St, St Judes, Bristol BS2 9DX

Tel: 0117 954 2954