CAFCASS Family Court Advisors

About CAFCASS Family Court Advisors

The Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service (Cafcass) was formed on 1st April 2001 as part of the Government's commitment to supporting families and children.

Pathways Covered

Children and families


What we do

Cafcass has a statutory responsibility to ensure that children and young people are put first in family proceedings, that their voices are heard, the decisions made about them by courts are in their best interests and that they and their families are supported throughout the process. We operate within the law set by Parliament and under the rules and directions of the family courts.

Role of Cafcass

Cafcass’ role is to work with Children and Families in the family courts. The following list provides some examples of the types of cases we work with:

Where we do it

CAFCASS are a national organisation that offer support across the UK.

The main office for Avon and Somerset is Bristol:

Unit 9
York Court
Wilder Street

How to access

To find out more about how to access this service please call: 0844 353 4332

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