Catch 22 Dawes Unit

About Catch 22 Dawes Unit

By safely addressing the problems caused by gangs, Catch22 Dawes Unit exists to prevent gang involvement and support those looking to exit. By breaking the cycle of offending, achieving positive outcomes and personal achievements those who offend, or are at risk of offending are supported in making positive life choices.

Pathways Covered

Attitudes, thinking and behaviour


The Dawes Unit takes an end to end approach, supporting young people and their families through all key risk points, to prevent gang involvement and support those looking to exit. We believe that continual programme development is the best approach, the parallel development of interventions and one-to-one work each supporting the other. We educate and inform young people of the dangers and consequences of becoming involved with gang activity, as well as re-engaging them with positive influences in their life.

Catch22 Dawes Unit addresses the multiple and complex issues that can lead to gang involvement. The team offers a responsive and needs-led service, focusing not on the behaviour but its cause. We use an ‘end to end’ approach whereby young people and their families are supported through all the key points of risk in their lives, including points at which they are ready to make changes.

What we do

The Dawes Unit deliver a unique and carefully designed combination of services with a focus on:

  • Talking to gang members and supporting them away from or in their environment.

  • Helping young people acknowledge the potential consequences of their actions.

  • Introduce local interventions which lead to education, employment and training.

  • Understand the impact of crimes on the victims.

  • Gain a greater understanding of the myths that surround gang culture.

  • Learning why gang members stay in, or return to gang life.

  • Learning how to control anger and deal with gang conflict.

  • Be better equipped to leave gang life.


Our support is tailored to each individual’s specific needs. We also carry out prevention work with local schools, YOT and the community in order to educate young people about making informed choices about their future.

Our project workers provide holistic and expert 1 to 1 support services to young people already exposed to or on the periphery of criminal and exploitative gang activity. We aim to help young people re-engage in positive activities, education and training and assist in their social and emotional development to prepare them for successful futures.

Where we do it

Dawes Unit

Trinity Road Police Station  Trinity Road  St Phillips  Bristol  BS2 0NW

How to access

Dawes Unit

Trinity Road Police Station  Trinity Road  St Phillips  Bristol  BS2 0NW

 T: 0117 9455 784 Helen Rosenthal Service Manager

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