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About Clean Slate Ltd

Clean Slate offers free support and training to help you manage and stretch your budget by taking control of your money, finding work or better paid work and making the best use of the internet

Pathways Covered

Education, training and employment


We employ long-term unemployed people as peer advisors helping us support other jobseekers, within our own enterprises like Clean Slate Distribution and The HandyHelp Co, and this helps inspire them about how much they have to offer and what they are able to do.

Some of our workers have been out of work while raising a family, some are young and have never experienced employment, and some have overcome setbacks such as involvement in the criminal justice system. All of them are ready to prove themselves on the job.

Our workers are keen to start employment and to build a future for themselves. We simply offer structured, practical, inspiring opportunities to make this happen.

What we do

We offer a variety of services to help individuals present themselves in the best possible light and start work with confidence, including:

* paid work
* we have employment search facilities
* job preparation
* in-work support programmes

If you’re serious about employment, we can help you grow your confidence and skills, set goals and make plans. We’re an employer ourselves, so once you’ve proved you’re job ready, we’ll offer you paid work when we can*. Below are the questions we ask to see how job ready you are:

  1. Vision: Are you clear about the work you want?
  2. Presentation: Can you explain how much you have to offer?
  3. Help: It’s okay to need help but are you willing to find and accept it?
  4. Passion: Are you set on work you’d enjoy and that plays to your strengths?
  5. Skills: Do you have (or will you have) the right skills?
  6. Expectations: Are you sure what employers want?
  7. Motivation: Are you confident and driven about your goals?

If you can’t answer ‘Yes, definitely, without a doubt’ to all these questions, we have some tips and pointers to help. If you can get to a Clean Slate office, we’ll guide you through the process. Otherwise, head to the Towards Job Readiness page, then come back to the checklist and see if you feel more confident.

*Please note, we may not have paid work when you need it but, in the meantime, we'll help you with your search for a job elsewhere. Keep up-to-date with our latest vacancies

Where we do it

We currently offer our service to jobseekers in:

* Midsomer Norton
* Bath
* Keynsham

How to access

Clean Slate (West of England)

If you're a jobseeker based in Bath, Midsomer Norton or Keynsham, and would like to register with Clean Slate:

Please email


leave a message on 01225 302200 with your name and contact telephone number.

You can also register with Clean Slate in the West of England by filling in our Aspiration Survey Here:

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