DHI South Glos Reintegration Support

DHI South Glos Reintegration Support

Added: 21 November 2014

Overview of the reintergration support offerd by DHI S. Glos.

Reintegration workers support clients to:

* address a range of housing related issues
* to access employment,
* voluntary work, training, education and a range of meaningful activities 
* develop self confidence, self esteem and skills.

Housing and Financial Related Support

Support to understand and access the range of housing options available including

* accommodation in the public and private sector
* advice on homelessness
* support on housing related debt and benefit issues
* advice on budgeting and access to Credit Union services
* Deposit Bond Scheme.

Getting Back Into Employment

* information on a range of local courses, training and volunteering opportunities
* support to access funding for courses
* IT access and support to prepare for work, develop CVs and conduct on line job searches
* advice on benefits including their implications for volunteering and going back to work
* advice on disclosing convictions.

Social Activities

We provide a range of activities and projects, mutual aid groups, complimentary therapies and opportunities for peers to arange their own activities. 


The Reintegration Services are open to any South Gloucestershire resident over 18 years who is or has recently been in treatment.

If you have received or are still receiving services from DHI, BSDAS, CJIT, BAT, Serenity House, Acer or similar then you can use our services.

Just ask your key worker to refer you or give the team a ring yourself on 01454 868750 telling us what support you need.