LIFT Psychology design bespoke course for offenders

LIFT Psychology design bespoke course for offenders

By: Lauren Cockburn
Added: 08 October 2013

Lift Psychology have been working closely with Bristol and S. Glos IMPACT teams to provide quick access to assessment and referral into treatment for a range of mood related issues.

Having recieved a large number of referrals Lift Psychology will now be piloting a bespoke CBT based foundation course which will start in October.

The course will be delivered over a period of 6 weeks and will help individuals who suffer with anxiety, depression and anger management.

The course will look at tools to manage unhelpful thoughts and behaviours and support attendees to better manage their mood.

This course although a treatment method in its own right, will also provide a foundation from which further group work or 1:1 treatment can be based if required.

There are still spaces on this course, therefore if you are a Bristol or S. Glos IMPACT or Probation offender manager please look at the 'whats on calendar' for more details or, contact Eleanor Myers to make a referral: