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About Lighthouse at Weston

The Lighthouse at Weston Charity aims to bring hope to Weston-super-Mare's people in need. We do this through projects which are supporting those in crisis, training people for employment and strengthening families and communities.

We do this through a number of different projects working in partnership across Weston-super-Mare. If we can't help, we will probably know someone who can!

Pathways Covered

Education, training and employment


Vision4Skills and Conversational English encourage the development and enjoyment of a variety of life skills

What we do


Vision4Skills is an initiative set-up to develop people's basic skills in the belief that learning skills can positively change people's lives.

Basic skills are essential in being able to live an independently in your own home, entering training or gaining employment. Vision4Skills' approach is all encompassing, that is several skills are combined into one project. Vision4Skills meets once a week on a Tuesday afternoon. The vision is to have educational outings as well as provide trips out as an incentive to attending the group and achieving their goals.

Vision4Skills teaches:

  • Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • Cookery
  • Creave arts and crafts. 
  • Gardening
  • Technology
  • Photography

The beauful cards made at the craft group are sold across the town as part of a small social enterprise. 

English Conversation

Sessions include teaching about English language and culture, as well as a great opportunity to enjoy community.


Where we do it

Vision4Skills and Conversational English are run from St Paul's Church during school term times.

Conversational English is run on Tuesdays at 9:30am and Vision4Skills is run at 1pm on Tuesdays.

Please contact us for further details.

How to access

Please contact us for information including referrals, start dates and times for all of our interventions:

For specific enquiries about Lighthouse projects, please contact us at the Lighthouse Hub:


Phone: 01934 708 166

St Paul's Church: 01934 613 259

Children and families


The Lighthouse Project recognises the importance of relationships within family. The Marriage Partnership and ParentWISE projects aim to help to support and strengthen these relationships through courses taught in groups.

What we do


Supports parents and strengthens families to nurture children so they become self assured 21st century adults. Our aim is to help equip parents by delivering courses in the community to help build strong family units enabling their children to become confident and interdependent adults.

How we do it:
We have a portfolio of proven 4 - 6 week short courses which are delivered in an informal setting in the community. Topics addressed include:

  • building children's emotional security
  • improving family communication
  • strategies for dealing with frustrations in life
  • keeping safe

Courses presently run by Parentwise:

Positive Parenting

Time Out for Parents (0 - 6yrs): The six sessions cover issues such as meeting children's emotional needs, boosting the parent/child relationship, communication, parenting styles, strategies for positive behavior, setting loving limits, keeping children safe, bullying and problem solving.

Time Out for Juniors (Key stage 2): The eight sessions cover understanding temperaments - how to work with it not against it, parenting styles - how parental responses affect children's behaviour, boosting children's self-esteem and the parent/child relationship, setting boundaries on behaviour and attitudes, strategies for maintaining boundaries and how to handle common behaviour problems.

Time Out for Teenagers: For parents of pre-teens and teenagers, helping to make the transition from childhood to adolescence as smooth as possible for both parent and young person. In the seven sessions we discuss: What it is like for teenagers today; How we can build the parent/young person relationship; Differing parenting styles; Communication; Negotiation / Problem Solving and Sex and Sexuality.

Time Out from Anger: Four sessions on understanding and handling anger, parents' and childs'. Along with other parents learn some new ways to help yourself and family manage and express their frustrations of life in more positive and healthy ways. Topics include: The Anger Process; Positive Self Talk; Triggers to Anger; Helping my Child to Manage their Anger and Handling Rage.

Care for the Family

Lets Stick Together: A free session for parents to be and those with babies or young children.  Statistic show that family break down is concentrated in the early years of parenthood but can be reduced with early intervention and small changes in behaviour.  Lets Stick Together teaches three very simple but powerful principles that help to build healthy relationships.  These principles are based on sound research that strengthen family life.

The Marriage Partnership

Offers training for married and engaged couples, either for individual or groups of couples.

This proactive skills-based approach offers an alternative to counselling for couples regardless of how good or bad they think their marriage is. Rather than waiting for relational problems to emerge, it encourages couples to work at their marriages on a regular basis through fun-based activities.

Where we do it

Both ParentWISE and The Marriage Partnership are run at various locations in the Weston area.

How to access

For specific enquiries about Lighthouse projects, please contact us at the Lighthouse Hub:


Phone: 01934 708 166

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