Little Box of Distractions

Little Box of Distractions

Added: 29 October 2015

Do you know someone who self-harms or has unhealthy impulses that needs help to distract themselves from acting on those impulses?

Self Injury Support have shared information on the Little Box of Distractions.

They send out boxes with a selection of things someone could use to distract themselves from acting on the impulses of things such as Self-Harm, drinking, drugs, smoking and other impulsive unhealthy behaviours. Find out more about what is in the box and the company founder by clicking here or by looking at their facebook page

The boxes cost around £5 to make each and £2.50 to post but are being offered for FREE.  Preferably people would be able to give a small donation or even the price of the P&P.

Note from the company:

Please remember that relapsing is ok and you are not a failure if you do relapse. The Aim of the box is to stop the thoughts as much as possible. Even if it stops those thoughts 5 out of 10 times, that’s 5 times less you have harmed.

We are going to be selling top up cups in the future for a small price. I want to provide a continuous service for people and not just throw them a box and hope it cures things. I am realistic, I have been there. It’s not a cure but it’s a distraction.