Earn A Bike

Earn A Bike

Added: 13 October 2015

We think everyone deserves to have a bike. But for a widening segment of our community, owning and maintaining a bicycle is still more expensive than they can afford. That's why we offer free bicycles and repairs to anyone experiencing long term barriers to employment and transport poverty and who need affordable and sustainable transport.


What we offer:

Three hour long, one-to-one workshop sessions working with marginalised people from within our community. Individuals work with one of the project’s mechanics to refurbish a donated bike, learning basic mechanical skills in the process. This scheme involves practical, hands-on engagement that functions as a bonding process between owner and bicycle.

We work in cooperation with over 50 organisations in and around Bristol, including Bristol Refugee Rights, Bristol Drugs Project, Second Step, Unseen, The Big Issue & various youth groups amongst many others. Watch our film to get a more in-depth picture.

Most people are referred to us from an organisation, however, you can also refer yourself, if you fit the criteria. Do feel free to contact us if in doubt.


The EAB scheme is available to those who are unemployed and are at least one of the following:

  • Asylum seekers or refugees
  • Persons with ongoing debilitating health problems
  • Persons with learning difficulties
  • In sheltered housing
  • Undergoing a substance abuse recovery programme
  • On probation Women’s Earn a Bike Workshop

 We also offer Earn-a-Bike sessions in a women only space, available for women who would feel more comfortable with that. The scheme is called Freedom of Movement. If you would like to book this service, please fill in the form on that page.


We run Earn-a-Bike workshops for five people on Thursdays – three appointments at 10.30am and a further two at 2pm. You will be expected to spend approximately two to three hours with us working on your bike, so please make sure you have this amount of free time before arranging an appointment with us. Note that you’ll be expected to get hands-on involved in repairing the bike, but don’t worry if you’ve no previous experience.


The bike and the session are both free. However we require £15.00 to cover the cost of a good D-lock and a set a lights (worth £30). This must be paid at the time of booking.

Arranging a Workshop

To book a workshop, you will need to come to the project with £15 in cash or a debit card. WE NO LONGER ACCEPT CHEQUES. You can come any day of the week (mon-fri). We will then offer you an appointment. We have a waiting list so it may be two or three weeks afterwards.

Fix-a-Bike Wednesdays

Because bike repairs can be expensive, Earn-a-Bikers have access to our free repair drop-in workshop, every Wednesday 10am-1pm and 2pm-5pm. We do not carry out free repairs on any other days.

For general enquiries, please call us

0 1 1 7 9 4 2 1 7 9 4

We prefer phone calls to emails. They are faster and more friendly.

If you need to email us it’s: hello@thebristolbikeproject.org.

“For millions of people access to reliable and affordable transport can mean the difference between being able to work and being locked into welfare dependency.” Sustrans