Non Opiate Users Service

Non Opiate Users Service

Added: 15 January 2014

9 live flexible appointment service for non opiate users

9 lives is now up and running at Addaction and is an intervention for people who use stimulant substances such as Meow Meow, MCAT, Ketamine, Ecstacy, Cannabis and Legal Highs plus others.

This flexible appointment services offers an opportunity to speak to someone when you want to. 

The intervention offer 9 opportunitiesof contact with a key worker from Addaction via email, telephone or face to face either in our office or a local cafe.

The idea of the intervention  is to fit with you and when you need support. If you dont contact we will assume you are not ready to get in touch, but when you do we will treat you as a priority.

We will support you to put together a plan to reach your goal after we complete an assessment on your needs and situation.

Once you have used your 9 contacts we will discuss if you need to access another service and if so, you will have access to  structured treatment.

For more details or for an assessment of needs please contact us on 01934 427 940 or just drop into the office.