Positive Step Partners with IMPACT

Positive Step Partners with IMPACT

By: IMPACT Pathways
Added: 23 April 2014

Positive Step are set to partner with IMPACT to improve access to early intervention mental health treatment for individuals involved in the criminal justice system.

This exciting and beneficial partnership follows in the footsteps of the successful relationships IMPACT has already built with LIFT Psychology across Bristol, B&NES and South Gloucestershire. 

What is Positive Step?

Positive Step is part of Avon and Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership, and supports wellness in North Somerset, through the provision of CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) intevention.

Positive Step helps people to develop skills for good mental health by:

  • Understanding why you feel as you do
  • Looking at how your feeling affect your thoughts and behaviour
  • Finding out what you would like to change
  • Discussing ways of coping now and in the future

Positive Step is made up of a range of professionals with a wide variety of skills and training.

They offer 1:1 or group based support for people with common mental health problems such as:

* anxiety
* depression
* bereavement
* stress and mood management
* low mood
* postnatal depression
* preparing for change
* type 2 diabetes 

Positive Step will be providing a bespoke service to individuals working with IMPACT or mainstream Probation. A range of courses will be delivered from Police and Probation venues in North Somerset, to help people address mental ill health.

The aim of this partnership is to increase the engagement in mental health services of people involved in the criminal justice system, by providing access to it in locations they are comfortable to attend. In turn it is hoped this will help to reduce reoffending by addressing mental ill health that may contribute to offending or be made worse by living a chaotic lifestyle.

To find out more about Positive Step, click here.