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Serenity House provides recovery to people suffering from an addiction such as alcoholism. We provide a structured day course to help suffers back to recovery which follows the 12 step program.

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Serenity House offers the Recovery Dynamics program. A community-based treatment for those wanting to live a fulfilled life, free from alcohol and drugs. Presented by Bristol Alcoholism Recovery Service, Recovery Dynamics® is a proven programme of successful treatment for sustainable sobriety.

What we do

Recovery Dynamics® is a tried and tested non-medical method of treatment for alcoholism and other addictions. At its core is a clear, concise and correctly-sequenced explanation of the original Twelve Step Recovery Programme.

Our programme runs for 12 weeks:

  • Monday 1.00pm to 5.00pm 
  • Tuesday to Friday 10.00am to 2.00pm. 

The group, not more than 24 altogether, usually around a dozen, sit in a pleasant classroom setting with their Recovery Dynamics® workbooks and textbook. Videos on each of the Twelve Steps are used during the learning process.

After each session everyone goes home to do their assignments.

Regular attendance at Twelve Step Fellowship meetings in the evening is strongly recommended as it is there that clients find continuing support in the recovery process once treatment has been completed.

Where we do it

Serenity House, Alma Conference Centre: Our next programme starts on a rolling basis and runs from 1pm to 5pm on Monday and 10am to 2pm Tuesday to Friday and finishes on 12 weeks after the start date.

Full details about Serenity House are on our information leaflet PDF.

The Delta Recovery Club, Logos House: Our next programme starts on a rolling basis and runs from 10am to 12:30, with optional activities in the afternoons and finishes on 8 weeks after the start date, or, there is an opportunity to continue with the programme as it can be tailored to the length of detox requirements.

Full details about the Delta Recovery Club are on our information leaflet PDF.

How to access

If you would like a place on one of our programmes please email us, or download the referral form(s) below and ask your GP or Keyworker to fill this form out and post to:

Serenity House, Bank House, 1 Burlington Road, Bristol BS6 6TJ.

We are very welcoming to anyone wanting to go through our treatment programme. We believe, however, that a few stipulations are in order. 

Firstly, clients must suffer from alcoholism and have a minimum of 72 hours without a drink. This is the recognised period for alcohol to have left the system. 

If other drugs are also involved then the requirement is 7 days without drinking or using. 

Secondly, clients must commit to the full 12 weeks needed to complete the process. 

Thirdly, a member of their referring agency – probation officer, counsellor, support worker, doctor and/or mentor – must be in touch with us so that all parties are fully informed of what is expected of the client as he or she goes through the Recovery Experience.


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