Severe Weather Homelessness Protocol

Added: 03 February 2015

The Met Office forecast for the next 2 nights is as follows: 

Tuesday 3rd Feb: 0
Wednesday 4th Feb: 0
Hence the Severe Weather Emergency Protocol is activated today and will run for 2 nights to be reviewed on Thursday morning by 10am.
An e-mail will be sent out each day that SWEP remains activated. Emergency spaces will be available at hostels for people who will be sleeping rough.

Please refer rough sleepers to the Outreach Team at the Compass Centre as soon as possible to be assessed for a SWEP space by calling 0117 9440581 or e-mailing

Rough sleepers need to present at the Compass Centre by 4.30pm to be assessed for a SWEP space. Alternatively rough sleepers can present at the Compass Centre between 8pm-9pm to be assessed.   
(please ensure to only refer people who are currently rough sleeping as spaces are limited).
Rough sleepers who do not access spaces provided may loose the space if non-occupied by 10pm.